Can you choose one sand sculpture over another?

It is only during the school holidays that children really create pieces of art in the sand. It must take them a while to make them. The beach becomes a gallery of sand art! The finished pieces give a refreshing fun ambience to the beach that is not normally there. I visualise kids hard at it creating clever 3 dimensional sculptures during playtime. Then in the late afternoon during my walk I enjoy looking at their finished products.

Which sculpture is the best? Is it possible to choose just one? They are all so creatively good. I can just picture the energy and fun that was put into each one. So let’s look at some more!

Which one would you choose?

Maybe the turtle heading down the beach to the ocean is a winner. The green leaf effect wins some points!

The mermaid is a hard one to beat. This sculpture would have taken a fair bit of time.

The good old sandcastle with the moat is an old time favourite. This sandcastle was seriously close to be washed away when I took this shot. It was one from 2016. I think the art sculptures are worth keeping and re-showing.

Which one of the four art sculptures is the first winner? I am not sure if I can! My option would be to make them all winners. I know, you might be saying that Angie Mitchell is no judge! You are so right! I like to give all the children a prize.

I thank all the children for their entertaining artwork. It is fun for them to make and fun for me to view them. They have to bring a smile to many walkers’ faces as they walk along this fantastic surf beach at the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

Have a happy day.


One of those slow starts to the morning …..

Oh dear, this happens now and then, my eyes won’t open and my body won’t move. I am too tired to jump out of bed. Oh well, do I have to? No is the answer. My choice is to stay in my warm bed and have an extra hour of snoozing.

Then again maybe I look like this. I know I feel like it! Found this one on Facebook.

Hey, It is perfectly okay to have a sleepy start to the day or maybe I will have a sleepy kind of day. I reckon we all need a day out to do nothing but recoup and rest. I know that I feel much better the next day. I am usually the one who is springing up to raring and ready to face the bright new day.

But today is a rest day for me.


I have a passion to ride on Merry-Go Rounds….

This is no merry-go-round that I am use to in Australia,this is a magnificent magical carousel!

I found this carousel in a Frankfurt Christmas Market. Yes, we purposely went to Germany during winter to savour the Christmas festive time. For Australians that live in the sub-tropics the cold weather was embracing to say the least. We spent a marvellous couple of weeks travelling along The Romantic Road in the Bavarian country of Germany. There was some long distance walking intermingled with some driving.

I was not prepared for such a wonderful big ornate carousel. Fancy seeing one like this out of a movie or fairytale. Did I have a ride? I sure did and it was so much fun. I asked first of all of course if adults were allowed because I am accustom to only children being given entry to merry-go-rounds in Australia.

Did I have two rides – yes! Got to take advantage of the moment! The only challenge I had was getting on and off – I am not very tall with long legs. But I did it and have very happy memories, especially when I look at the photographs.

Check one happy Angie Mitchell riding around the carousel!




Acceptance is a good thing to do but not an easy one~

If you find that you have difficulty accepting some situations then you are not alone. It is very much a universal disappointed kind of feeling. If you ask the question why rest assure you are one of many asking the exact same question.

Of course there are numerous examples of peope not accepting certain events. They range from major life changing dramatic happenings to minor things that might just put one out. Accepting such events like death or unfortunate incidents like accidents, robbery or fire are mind boggling hard taking time, fortitude and energy to work through. The little everyday let downs like not getting a job, missing a flight or failing an exam may not take as much energy.

How one copes with any hardship or disappointment depends on one’s make-up.

Acceptance has to do with attitude. It is very human to momentarily feel emotionally upset at any bad news or let-downs. What is your normal way of behaving? Do you tend to be optimistic or pessimistic in your self-explanatory style. How you explain what happens has a direct impact on your feelings. If you think I’ve failed or this is the worse news ever then you are going feel sad, bad or down in the dumps. But, if you think it does not matter or is not the worse thing that can happen then you are likely to feel more upbeat. This more positive self-explanatory style leads individuals to finding solutions, which leads to good outcomes over all.

Getting stuck in the mud hampers acceptance and moving on. How long do you stay stuck is a personal choice.

A technique that helps one accept life’s let-downs or disappointments is to see them as tests or lessons that come your way. It is an opportunity to successfully deal with such tests. If you do not do this, expect them to keep happening, only on a much bigger scale. Interesting don’t you think? From my perspective I find it a a plausible explanation.



Discernment – how well are you mastering this skill?

The definition for discernment on Google is – the ability to judge well. What does judging well look like? Is becoming discerning a wisdom thing? Is it maturity? Is it having a good sense of picking another person’s character? Does the ability to discern develop with life experience or do you just have it? Or perhaps discernment continues to delude some people.

From my perspective discerning is an intrinsic intuitive ability combined with learned life experiences and one’s values and beliefs. It is a trial and error thing. It just happens as we go through our life journey; some people are more successful than others. It comes easier to some. Perhaps they learn more quickly from consequences.

A person’s personality is an undeniable factor. Like attract like or another saying is running with the crowd commonly occurs with some children and adults. Another common saying is; he/she is easily influenced is definitely signifying a sign of weakness and bad decision-making.

Decision-making is an important part of the equation with discernment. Fear can lead to making a decision to keep following a group no matter how unsavoury. The underlying thinking might be that it is best to belong no matter the consequences. Learning to listen to our inner selves is a an individual journey for each and everyone of us. It is all about free will.

Discernment is a valuable inner resource that always needs to be drawn on for life reasons and for spiritual reasons. Judge well and choose well!

Michael J Tamura gets to the core of the value of discernment in this quote. I always find his quotes very thought provoking and very timely. Thank you Michael J Tamura. (This is my post from a blog on

The value of deep breathing ~

We all know that we need to breathe in the air to live!

I have to admit that I was one of the many who took breathing for granted. That is until a number of years ago when I read a book called “We, The Arcturians” by Dr. Norma J. Milanovich. It was an intriguing book that resonated with me. it felt right reading this book.

What particularly grabbed my attention was the comment they made about humans being shallow breathers. And when I reflected about my own life at that time it rang true. I was also often in a hurry running to drop kids at school, rushing to meetings and getting from point A to point B.

Yes, I was guilty of being a shallow breather!

So, from that time on I set myself two challenges – reading more on the topic of deep breathing and to do some deep breathing every day.

It was very slow at first because it is challenging to change habitual behaviour. It certainly is for me. Initially I tried to do deep breathing when driving the car and when I stopped at red lights! Instead of listening to the car radio I would turn it off and breathe in and out slowly and deeply.

I confess that it was a bit of a hit and miss for several years.

But slowly and surely I have become better at deep breathing. I have also become much better at not being dictated by the clock. My daily practice of mediation, tibetan rites and yoga have helped enormously.

But…. rushing still happens now and then. So does my shallow breathing.

I believe that this is a part of living on this Earth where time is linear.

My Universal Law of Movement

I am a great follower and supporter of the Universal Laws and I know through my esoteric readings that there are quite a few of them.

Like for instance Dr Norma Milannoivich and Dr Shirley McCune in their book “The Light Shall Set You Free” lists 12 Universal Laws. They are all as important as each other. There is the –
Law of Divine Oneness
Law of Vibration
Law of Action
Law of Correspondence
Law of Cause and Effect
Law of Compensation
Law of Attraction
Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy
Law of Relativity
Law of Polarity
Law of Rhythm
Law of Gender

Norma and Shirley say that the Universal Laws “comprise the foundations for what is expected of us and thus providean expression of right living.” (p129)

The Law of Movement is very similar to the Law of Vibration. Energy is both moving and vibrating at many levels. The reason I like my Law of Movement is that it concentrates on the health and wellbeing of the physical body. The human body is so important in the big picture because it is a ‘temple’ that houses the soul, the meridians and the chakras.

I have not found a Universal Law of Movement in my readings.

I am wondering if it is possible to create such a law. I see physical exercise and activity operating one level of this Law. But, I also see this law connected to learning, friendship and knowledge as being higher levels incorporating the mental and spiritual aspects.

The good part about exercise is that it can be a solitary activity or a group activity. It is a choice thing – whether it is running, swimming, doing yoga, climbing mountains, playing sport, walking and so on. The list is endless!

The Universal Law of Movement is another law that provides us with the ability to engage in right living.

It is my Universal Law.

(A Bill Bennett photo – thanks Bill)


I consider that human beings are very good at making connections with others. It is as if there is an implant in our psychic make-up that intuitively guides us to connect.

The most interesting part about the inbuilt need of humans to socialise and communicate is that we are not all the same in our want to connect. Some of us are happy with our own company, some of us thrive on being with others and some of us are a bit of both.

We all get something we want and need through connections our way!

Best of all we learn tolerence and acceptance. Difference is colourful! It is what makes the world go round!

For me personally, I like my own space as well as company of others. I love the experience of connecting with others- there are always new people to meet. Sometimes the connection is brief and at other times the connections to others is longer term. Sometimes the connectedness does not end.

However long it is, there is always something to learn from others and something I give to others.

I value the good friendships that have grown from my connections with others. It is one of the big plusses as I travel along on this current incarnated life.

I am very much reminded me of the teachings of the Universal Law of Oneness – we are all connected in this universe no matter where we happen to be.

I love this concept!

Nothing beats the fun, the laugher and the shared experiences with others as we journey along this wondrous life of ours.

Connecting is a strong driving force inside me!

Synchronicity happens again~

I am constantly being blown away with the connectedness of human beings. We are so connected that people just initiate kind and helpful advice – whether they are acquainted or not.

It seems a natural thing to do and it is something that I find myself doing. My comments just pop out!

The most recent synchronicity occurred on Mother’s Day as we rode along on our new fangle dangle bikes. I thought we looked like pros when out of the blue came helpful advice!

“Your seats need to be a little higher – only an inch or two! You will find that will be better!”

It came from a couple running on the path! I have to add they were very impressive runners because jogging at consistent fast pace. What was even more impressive they were about our age!

With a wave and a thank you we rode on!

How timely – because we had been wondering if the seats were placed at the proper height! You see when we started on this new venture of bike riding I reckoned that being able to place my feet on the ground was a top priority.

Particularly, if and when I had to stop suddenly!

You know, wandering walkers, dogs and slugs veer in front of bike riders without warning don’t they? Got to be prepared at all times!

The seats are now up two inches and we are ready to try it out this afternoon!

It feels right. I am a pro now. I can stop suddenly using my toes!

Got to love synchronicity – it is everywhere, coming along at the right time!


Bike riding!

At long last I have a bike. I have joined the many locals peddling along the paths ringing their bells to give the walkers time to move over!

Bike riding is not new to me. Like many others, I rode a bike as a kid. I played games on my bike on the road outside my home with my brothers and sisters. I rode to high school for many years.

I was a pro!

Riding was a big part of my exercise regime. And I loved it! It was my means of transport and much faster than walking to school and back again.

But all this bike riding was a life time ago and bikes were very different then. For one thing, brakes were on the pedals, there were no gears and we did not have to wear helmets. Not like now!

Let me tell you that the bike shop was mind boggling – there were bikes of many bright colours, bikes with baskets on the handle bars and behind the seats, water bottle holders or not, different colour and style of helmets and so much else.

We drove home with two new fangled aluminium framed mountain bikes come cruisers with lots of gears and a hand brake system that sits on the handle bars! Both of which were attached to a lever thing on the back of the car!

Bike riding is so much fun!